Our Mission

The Two Foundation exists to provide full integration into the local workforce for individuals with exceptionalities. We bridge the gap between individuals and local business partners.  We prepare, place and support our job seekers and do all we can to ensure long-term success.

Our Values

  1. We have names not labels. 

  2. Excellence in all we do.

  3. We celebrate strengths and diversity.

  4. We are all better when we do life together.



Two Foundation serves individuals (agest 16+)who have mild to moderate exceptionalities that may limit their capacity to obtain or maintain a job. We exist to fill a gap in our society where our clients are left without appropriate jobs/ careers upon completion of high school or exiting a sheltered work shop.



The Two Foundation assists in meeting the IEP transition statement by providing an appropriate work experience for students (ages 16-22) with mild to moderate exceptionalities.    Our goal is to provide an avenue into the workplace for our students with as smooth a transition as possible.



The Two Foundation benefits companies by providing them the tools, and supports needed to make a difference, and meet the need of underemployment for individuals with exceptionalities.



Business Partners

Join our list of business partners by hiring one of our exceptional grads, providing financial support, and/or allowing us to train your staff on integration and diversity.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Board Members

Benjamin Brigeman

Frances Dickenson 


John O'Brien

Managing Director, Inglewood Associates, LLC

Edda Owen

Office Manager, Pradco

Dr. Terry Owen

CEO, PRADCO (Board Chair)

Joann Randall

Non-Profit Consultant

Rich Stepnowski

Dr. Kristin Tull

President, PRADCO

Brittany continues to surprise me every day. She is doing great and learning more all the time. We submitted her story to the NDSS for their self-advocate spotlight! You can view that story here!

- Specs4US

Supported By

Thank you to our business partners and all of the individual donors.  Without you this wouldn't be possible. 

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