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About Two Cafe & Boutique

The Two Foundation was started in 2013 to bridge the gap that exists between high school or a sheltered workshop and community employment for individuals with exceptionalities. 


The Two Foundation brings awareness to the community about how to celebrate diversity, and how to focus on an individual’s strengths. We believe in full integration of the local workforce. The starting point is our training center: The Two Café and Boutique. The Two Café and Boutique is more than a local farm – to – fork café and coffee shop, we exist to provide real work experience and employment for individuals with exceptionalities in a fully integrated setting. The cafe is not only a place you can count on for healthy, and local food. It is a place where you can truly make a difference in the world!

About Us
Meet Derek

Meet Derek

Derek is the reason behind the Two. When Derek was born, Shari knew he was made for change. He was going to be used to break down walls and change the hearts of people all around him. Derek's passion for life is the heartbeat behind everything done at the Two. He was determined to graduate from college. He graduated in 2013 from Kent State University. He was even more determined to get married. When he met his now-wife Lauren, he knew she was the one. They were married in 2016.


Derek now works at the Two and Lauren is a business owner. They live in their own home and drive independently. We know that each individual’s path to independence will be uniquely different, but we can all get there when opportunities are provided, support is given, and barriers are removed.


One Amazing Graduate, One Amazing Business  Partner

Although he had graduated from a reputable technical college, he had not been able to secure a job in his field because he was hearing impaired.  We set up times to meet with him and worked on his resume, prepared for interviews, introduced him to our friends at HC Company. Within weeks, he was working on improvements for their manufacturing plant, full time with benefits. See the whole story here.

So Grateful for this Opportunity to Have Her Life Back  

She finally received a medical procedure that successfully minimized her seizures so that she was able to function.  After 30 years, they were not sure how to reintroduce her to the workplace. We were able to offer her a scholarship and she entered our training program. See the whole story here.

Opening Eyes and Changing Hearts

I had a parent call me to ask if their son could enter our job readiness training program since he was aging out of his high school at the age of 22. He surpassed all our expectations and works daily at a local Stone Oven during their very busy lunch rush.  We were told that he may be the best employee the manager had ever hired.  See the whole story here.

Connecting Individuals with the Right Skill Sets and Strengths to the Right Company

He struggled with social skills and lacked confidence when it came to his interviewing skills.  I had the owner of an energy company that frequented the café to meet with this individual to see if there might be a match.  He is now writing computer programming for this energy company.  See the whole story here.

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